Although summer has not said its last words yet, we need to prepare our closets for fall/winter season.

This years start was all about brighter colors, polka dots, flower prints and beautiful short and long dresses. Those trends have all started because of many fashion icons wearing neon clothes and also dying hair in neon tones. Some also say, we needed it to brighten up our lockdown with a bit of bright colors in our lives.

So, what is going to happen with fashion trends for next season? Is a bright color still suitable for everyday? Keep reading our post and find out how to fill your wardrobe.



Yes, you read it right. Some say that ladies in suits look more dominant and formal, so that they are best for formal occasions. But we say you should use a bright color suit, so your professional look will be even more outstanding. In bright colors you will be more visible at work and you will stand out in the crowd, or just on a drink with friends. Combine your suit with a clutch bag, small handbag, pair of heels or even boots. Just set your imagination free.




Leather coats are never getting out of style. You can wear your coat over skirt or trousers. If you dare, just tie a belt around your waist and your leather coat will become a short leather dress.
Perfect for colder days that are coming soon. Although brighter colors are “in” for this year, don’t wear them under a brown coat. Combine it with gray, black or blue color.




Let’s not forget about natural colors. Long lasting trend that seem to stay trendy for some more seasons. Sandy, camel, buff and more and more… Play with the tones as much as you want. There are also no limits about what piece of wardrobe to choose. Shirts, skirts, trouser, hats, shoes or even bags. There are unlimited options to play with your style. And trust us when we say, this is staying a trend for more seasons.




And yes, we are talking about leather boots here. Fashion shows are all about discovering new styles and combinations. So, if you want to try a funkier look just tuck your wide leg trousers into a pair of leather boots. You will be surprised!




We have already talked about combining brown and blue. But Combine a lighter blue with more natural tones. Choose your combination freely. Blue trouser, camel toned coat; blue shirt and sandy trousers or maybe blue jeans and coat with light brown shoes? It’s your call!




Don’t be afraid of trendy big yellow coats. They are perfect to combine with brown and white color. Use your imagination and feel confident and cozy. Yellow will brighten up the colder days that are coming. Use it for everyday and formal occasions. Just set your imagination free.




Boots are perfect for every style. Get your shirt, top it with a pair of trousers and don’t forget to wear your boots. What about short black skirt, t-shirt, black coat and creamy white boots? Perfect! Let no one stop you, with your pair of boots.



New season, new animal print. But this time it’s all about tiger stripes. Of course, we are back to brown color, but this time combined with black tiger stripes. Feel free to mix the pattern on different types of your wardrobe. On coat, bag, shoes or even dress. Maybe combined with a pair of blue jeans? Yes, be funky and play with the tiger.

So, you should not be afraid to take some risks with your fashion style this season. Use bright colors to stand out in the crowd, or take a step forward and lighten up your day in yellow coat. Or on the other hand stay with classic brown or natural tones, suitable for every occasions.  If you want, just add something blue like trousers, bag or a pair of shoes. Use clutch bags or smaller handbags in which fits just everything you need for a day.


Let your imagination free, but never forget to feel cozy and confident in your clothes. This is what can make everybody a fashion icon.


Do you agree with our fashion trends for fall/winter 2020? 

Tell us your opinion and style tips in the comments bellow.


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  • Ana

    Well written! Not a big fan of tiger prints, but combining them with some natural tones can really make a classy statement! Those color suits though 😍

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